Meet Kris Olivas


Kris Olivas

Kris Olivas came to her spiritual awakening after an autoimmune disorder led her to work with a shamanic practice to release the density of emotions and negative belief systems.  After years of her own personal therapy, a Masters in Marriage & Family Therapy and countless hours of continued education, she came to find that the negative patterns in her life could be released using shamanic and energetic practices.  This is largely due to the fact that childhood trauma, and ancestral emotions stored in the body, need to be cleared from the luminous field (energy body) by removing stored dense energy, attachments and programming.  

Working with the energetic body allows clients to clear through blocks, sometimes lifelong patterns, often in a fraction of the time therapy would take.  More importantly, clients are able to rediscover lost parts of themselves, often child parts that have been abandoned.  Once they integrate these lost parts, clients report an increase in self-esteem, confidence, hope and motivation.  Their relationships improve, and they remember who they are and what their life purpose is. This is often a huge leap in consciousness that leads the client to a work with Kris as a spiritual advisor/coach.  

Kris is trained in the following modalities – Relationship coach, Certified Emotion Code Practitioner, Emotional Freedom Technique “tapping”, Advanced Integrative Therapy, Soul Journey, Inner child corrective journey, Sound Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Essential Oils

Although Kris is a licensed marriage & family therapist in the state of California, she is operating as a shamanic and energetic healer and participants should seek out professional mental health practitioners should they wish to pursue therapy.