Dr. Lauren Pichard
Licensed Clinical Psychologist in San Diego

Dr. Lauren Pichard is the creator of Ascension Psychology, a unique psychological approach that blends traditional psychology with spiritual concepts and energy healing. Ascension Psychology was designed from Dr. Pichard’s extensive experience working with both patients and on her own self empowerment journey. She has integrated methods that she has found to be the most effective in lasting change, that is she works on healing the conscious, unconscious, physical and spiritual levels that are contributing to your psychological discomfort.

Dr. Lauren Pichard is an integrative psychologist providing interventions for people with addiction, anxiety, complex pain, depression, dual diagnosis, grief, parenting, trauma and more using experiential, cognitive behavioral and psychodynamic therapies. Dr. Pichard has worked with addiction, dual diagnosis and addiction with complex pain for over 6 years including working at the world renowned Betty Ford Center in Rancho Mirage, CA for 2 years. While at The Betty Ford Center, Dr. Pichard wrote and designed the Recovery at 50Plus Program, which was designed to meet the unique needs of a more mature adult entering into recovery. Dr. Pichard has over 15 years of experience working with child development, including providing interventions for children with developmental delays and other behavioral deficits using behavioral and family systems interventions. She has college level teaching experience for psychology and human services curriculum at both the bachelor’s and master’s level. She has over four years of supervision experience.


Dr. Pichard’s dissertation was “Understanding The Experience Of Military Service Members Who Became Disfigured In Operations Enduring Freedom and Operations Iraqi Freedom.” This project left Dr. Pichard with a deep understanding of the military lifestyle as well as the personal struggles of living with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and coping with physical changes such as disfigurement and physical limitations.

Dr. Pichard has worked in close collaboration with Dr. Matthew Porter a professor of Alliant International University in his research project entitled “Strong Hearts.” This project conducted qualitative interviews in New York City and Brazil with people who contracted the Human Immunodeficiency Virus when the epidemic first began; when there was very little information about the virus and when people who were given the diagnosis were essentially facing death. Preliminary research findings from the research suggest a pattern of wisdom that people resolve their struggles through. This pattern is likely able to be universal for all psychological dilemmas.

Personal Interests

Dr. Pichard has a 10 year old rescue dog, Rylee that she brought home when Rylee was 1. Rescuing Rylee has helped her bridge her knowledge of behavioral childhood interventions into behavioral interventions with animals. Dr. Pichard practices yoga and meditation for well-being and has an overall interest in the mind-body connection. She also enjoys time outdoors in physical activity such as hiking, gardening or relaxing with friends and finds that music and dance are essential for her personal joy. She enjoys spending as much time as she can with her family both in the San Diego area and on the east coast.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Dr. Pichard.

Dr. Aditi Bhasin
Doctor of Psychology
Post-Doctoral Intern/ Psychological Assistant

Clinical Experience

Dr. Bhasin is a Post-Doc Psychological Assistant earning her hours towards licensure in the state of CA. She specializes in depression, anxiety, trauma, grief, dual diagnosis, psychodynamic, holistic and integrative approaches to treatment. Dr. Bhasin has had a wide range of training in the mental health field with over 13 years and 3000+ hours of clinical experience. As a undergraduate student at UCSD she was mentored by Dr. Divya Kakaiya at Healthy Within developing programs and presentations for middle schoolers to raise awareness of eating disorders while helping them build self-confidence skills to combat the media impact on body image. After graduation, she went on to work as a recruiter for Schizophrenia research at the Veterans Medical Research Foundation/ VA Medical Center. At the graduate level, she gained extensive experience working in crisis intervention, co-occuring disorders, child and adult assessment in conjunction with primary care doctors in medical settings providing psycho-education, play therapy, cognitive behavioral and mindfulness approaches to therapy. She has additional certifications in hypnosis, is a Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming, Huna, and Mental Emotional Release. Her approach is compassionate addressing the influences of mind, body and spirit in daily life.


Dr. Bhasin’s dissertation was “Utilizing the MMPI-2 RF with Asian Indians”. As a first generation immigrant, Dr. Bhasin studied the effect of acculturation on personality. Through this project, Dr. Bhasin gained appreciation for how identity and personality is shaped through the experience of growing up in a different host culture and adapting bi-cultural beliefs. She presented her findings at the Asian American Psychology Conference and Society of Personality Assessment Conferences in Toronto, Canada.

Personal Interest

Dr. Bhasin is an avid reader, beach goer, and travel junkie. She loves exploring new places and is always on the lookout for the next adventure. She dedicates much of her time to family, friends and loved ones.

Nazila Hatami
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Available to meet in Oceanside, CA and via Telehealth

As a therapist, I strive to create a safe, compassionate environment, where you can open up and share more vulnerable parts of yourself. I believe we are here to move through life experiences growing towards our full potential. However, many times our past lingers in us and shapes our beliefs and perceptions in ways that creates suffering, preventing us from living here and now with full presence. Psychotherapy offers a possibility to shed the light of awareness into our inner world, processing the past and adopting healthier ways of thinking, perceiving, feeling and behaving.

My passion is to help develop the spiritual aspects of your life which can lead to more fulfillment, harmony and balance.

I have worked in various settings offering therapy to adults, children, adolescents and their families. My therapy work is informed by my studies in Integrative psychology and my own experiences in life, therapy and spirituality.

Certifications and Expertise

My approach in therapy is eclectic drawing from different traditions such as psychodynamic, mindfulness, emotionally-focused, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Play Therapy, Family Constellation, EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing therapy) which is very helpful for processing traumatic experiences, SEP somatic experiencing and transpersonal psychology.

I have received trainings in EMDR, SEP, Sand Play and Hakomi.

I’m also a certified EMDR practitioner. I specialize in treating mood disorders, anxiety disorders, depression, anxiety, grief, loss,transitions, stress management, trauma, PTSD, childhood abuse, relationship issues, women issues, conflicts, cross- cultural issues, spiritual inquiry, self-empowerment.

Shira Bliss
Tantra Facilitator
Available over Zoom and at Trainings

Shira has been studying and practicing tantra for 20 years. Tantra is the sanskrit word meaning “web” or “to weave energy.” It is about creating connection with oneself and/or with a partner. It is most known for its sexual practices in learning how to celebrate and enjoy sexual energy, but it is a way of living that is deeper than just sex. The practice of tantra is known to help people be more in the present moment and to develop spiritually. It is meant to enhance one’s relationship with oneself and with others. Shira apprenticed under renowned international Tantra and Taoist Masters including: Mantak Chia, Margot Anand, Caroline Myss, Wayne Dyer, Charles Muir and Baba Dez.  Shira has been on a path of spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical healing and growth since 1990 and incorporates her experiences into her bodywork, coaching, and teaching.  She has always strived to stay heart centered and other work includes being a midwife for 8 years and where she brought sanctity to women and families during child-birth. She home birthed and home educated her five children.  Shira was born, raised and educated in the United Kingdom and currently resides in San Diego, CA.