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“For every problem in the universe, there is a solution. This is the law of nature and maintains balance,” Dr. Lauren E Pichard.

Ascension Psychology

Ascension Psychology is a leader in Energy Psychology. It blends traditional psychology with energy healing in the quantum field with the goal of healing the mind, body and spirit. By looking at the integration of the mind and body, energy patterns that have been imbedded can be released. This allows for people to be freed from limiting conditions whether they are manifesting physically, emotionally, relationally, financially or spiritually. By uncovering the true self free of limiting and fear based programming the mind can quiet, stillness can be achieved and self-actualization is invited.

Trauma Work

Ascension Psychology works on integrating a person into being whole. This is done by integrating past traumas, big and small. Each trauma gets stuck in the mind and neurology. Sometimes we don’t even realize that a trauma has occurred. A small trauma may go unnoticed, and Ascension Psychology works to notice and integrate these as well. For instance, a young child may have been sitting down to dinner with her parents. Her parents may have told her that she has to eat all of her peas. The daughter may have judged this as “I don’t want to.” It is this judgement that then gets stuck in our unconscious mind and neurology. As we grow up and have to do other things that “I don’t want to do” our emotional charge on it gets bigger. After a while, we may perceive that “I have to do things that I don’t want to do.” With this belief in our mind and how we see our world, we may start working at jobs that “I don’t want to do” to stay in relationships that “I don’t want to do.” Our emotions can grow in anxiety or in depression. Ascension Psychology works to identify the root cause of the trauma and to heal it. When we resolve a trauma at its root, our life can shift. We will no longer settle for things that we don’t want to do and our life story changes- for the better. Through integration, people get more energy, are less triggered by outside events and have improved health and relationships.

Shame Work / Shadow Work

After a trauma, shame is also usually created. Shame can present itself in many forms. People often think of shame as an icky feeling and as feeling “not good enough.” But shame has another side. When people try to push out of shame, they tend to become “shameless.” When we are shameless we are judging or blaming others. We feel like we are better than others. When we are in shame we are judging or blaming ourselves and we feel like we are less than others. By healing the shame dynamic, we stop flip-flopping from one mood to another. We stop judging ourselves harshly. When we stop judging ourselves harshly we no longer need to take a break from this internal state by turning it onto others and judging them. Healing shame is a key component to understanding and experiencing Oneness. Many people refer to healing trauma and shame as Shadow work.

Integrating Energy Work With Psychology Super-Charges Your Healing

Dr. Pichard has studied many modern and ancient traditions to shift root traumas. Sometimes energy healing can facilitate healing easier than traditional talk therapy can alone. Energy healing is used on an as-needed basis and we look for treatment based evidence that the energy healing is helping create shift.  The work at Ascension Psychology can help support medical doctor’s as healing core trauma can remove stress from the body which can allow the body to heal itself. By healing emotions we can shift your perception and your frequency and thus shift your reality ( some know this as a Quantum Jump). Ascension Psychology focuses on healing the mind, body and spirit.

Self- Actualization / Spiritual Awakening

When we are Self- Actualized we are integrated enough to know that we can create our own reality. We have mastered our moods and our reactions and we know how to continue to work on ourselves when an issue arises. We stand from a place of integrity and we are able to love and accept ourselves and this allows us to love and embrace others fully. From this space we are in harmony with ourselves, with others and with life situations. We continue to feel and we can do so from a place of experience. We feel and are empowered. The goal of the work with Ascension Psychology is not just to clean up areas that are hurting us but to be pro-active in creating the best version of ourselves.

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