Level 1: The Foundation

– Universal Laws of Energy And How to Apply Them To Psychotherapy
– The Mind/Body Connection
– Working With Energy

  • How to clear your and your clients field from undesirable energy
  • The chakras and meridians in psychotherapy
  • And More!

– Ancestral Healing And Epigenetics
– 2 Soul Retrieval Techniques – Power of Forgiveness and Techniques – Command Technique And More!
– Basics Of Developmental Healing
– Switching To A More Desirable Timeline In The Quantum Field

Level 2: Working With Couples

Healing Emotional Connection:
– Healing Attachment Wounds
– Healing Generational Relationship Patterns
– Communication Skills
– Ascension Psychology Technique With Couples

Healing Sexual Connection:
– Increasing Sexual Intimacy For Individuals And Couples Using Tantra Techniques (in a professional manner that clinicians can teach to clients in a regular therapy session/ i.e. clothes on)
– Creating Deeper, More Harmonious Connections (For Individuals and for Partnered Clients)
– How To Experience Fulfilling Sex
– How To Create Health and Happiness For Body, Mind And Spirit
– How to Rejuvenate And Regenerate Hormones To Create Radiance, Vitality And Optimal Health
– Finding Peace During Conflict, Sickness, Financial Woes
– Sex Magic