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Energy Healing for Financial, Physical, and Emotional Health

Shifting to Abundance Sigmund Freud, known as the Father of Psychology, said, “What you do not remember, you are doomed to repeat.” He said that 80% of what creates our daily life is from our Unconscious Mind. This Shifting to Financial Abundance recording targets 10 Common Patterns that live deep within the Unconscious Mind that …

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How To Heal Cancer Naturally

Lessons Learned From Traditional Cultures (SAN DIEGO, CA) Spiritual Psychologist and founder of Ascension Psychology, Inc., Dr. Lauren E Pichard has been piloting a new technique referred to as Energy Psychology (EP) within her practice and reports experiences of healing illnesses and ailments, including cancer, through these innovative methods. EP includes evidence-based methods that influence …

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What Are Cognitive Distortions?

What Are Cognitive Distortions?

Ascension Psychology, spiritual healing in San Diego Anyone can experience cognitive distortion, which the American Psychological Association defines as “faulty or inaccurate thinking, perception or belief.” Negativity is often the defining characteristic. Distorted thinking occurs in a momentary blip. We get upset when we fail a math test. We briefly reason that we’re bad at …

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