Mood Disorders: Depression and Anxiety

What is Anxiety and Depressive Treatment?

Depression and Anxiety are usually created from a combination of inherited traits and our interpretation of experiences. When you work with an Ascension Psychology Therapist we are here to gently show you another way of viewing something (a cognitive reframe) that may help you shift your perspective and/or resolve a family or childhood wound so that you can embody a different perspective. Sometimes it is enough to gain an insight- to turn the light on the shadow of the unconscious, other times guided imagery can reprogram the unconscious mind.  A combination of modalities can be chosen from to help you feel better about yourself, others and the world. The therapist you work with may choose from Cognitive Behavioral, Gestalt, EMDR, Family Constellation and other modalities. Our goal is to help you be empowered, feel peace, and have strategies to help you succeed and be aligned with your highest Destiny Path. 

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