Meet Nicky Riordan MS

Ascension Psychology combines the best of western psychology with the best of many spiritual practices and mystery schools to help people heal their life, relationships, and the spiritual and emotional causes of physical disease.

Nicky Riordan MS

Ascension Psychology Coach And Director Of Community Outreach

Nicky had a spiritual awakening when life brought her to her knees. She lost both a beloved pet companion of 10 years and her father within a month of each other. These losses pushed her to look beyond what she believed to be true about her life and the world around her. She developed a meditation practice and intense study around all things metaphysical, and continues to push her beliefs and learn more every day.

She learned her spiritual gifts include tapping into her strong intuition to help others find the support and information they need, when they need it.

Nicky has always had a gift for learning new information and making it more accessible to those around her, and she has brought this skillset to her spiritual work as well. She is constantly consuming new teachings about spirituality, energy, healing modalities, and personal growth – and she is passionate about helping others find the teachers and modalities that speak to them.

She uses these gifts to help others by teaching them how to understand themselves and others through a spiritual lens. She has struggled in her journey to join together her spiritual and human experiences into one understanding, but the struggle is where she learned how to help others do the same. Born a natural skeptic, she has a very practical approach to spirituality that she hopes can help those who may be hesitant to explore this part of themselves as well.


Nicky has a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and Communication, and a Master’s Degree in Peace and Justice Studies. She has taken an unusual journey to personal healing and coaching, but she has always been looking for the most authentic way to help others. She looked for this opportunity in both the nonprofit and government sectors throughout her career, but most recently, she has been serving as a coach, personal trainer, and a nonprofit consultant. When not working, Nicky chooses to spend time with her family and volunteering for the nonprofits she feels passionate about. Her favorite causes to support include anything involving animals and those that are working to end homelessness and poverty.

Based on her experience
Nicky provides the following coaching and training options

  1. One on One Personal Coaching
  2. Corporate Events: Organizational Resilience Training

Nicky is also a Personal Trainer has been a lifelong advocate for prioritizing health and fitness and can incorporate this type of support into any coaching program. Similarly, she supports her partner’s dog training and behavior modification business, Everyday Pack Leader, and if you are interested in coaching to improve your relationship with your dog, please inquire about this option as well.

If you have any questions,
please feel free to contact Ascension Psychology.

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