Shifting to Financial Harmony


Dr. Pichard continues to work with core spiritual, mental and emotional issues of childhood, past life and ancestral patterns in this recording. She provides education on unbalanced core beliefs in your unconscious mind that can be restricting your finances or creating wealth to poverty struggles and then guides you through the most effective meditation she has learned for balancing these dichotomies to resolve these restrictions. There is a guided energy healing to bring back your financial/receiving energy, and breaking contracts/declarations, promises of blocking positive changes, patterns of failure and religious oaths to poverty.

This also addresses how to help your mindset with an economic collapse.

The theory behind these recordings is that energy flows from our Higher Power- to our 4 bodies- Spiritual > Mental > Emotional> Physical. Engergetic blocks in the spiritual, mental, emotional bodies can show up as disease in the physical body and also as restrictions in love, finances, self esteem, and overall lifestyle. This recording helps resolve the Spiritual, Mental and Emotional blocks to support your finances flowing freely.

This is a digital download product only.

This product can not be purchased individually, it is only available in the following 2 packages: Shifting to Abundance, Harmony, Immunity and Goals and Shifting to Abundance, Harmony and Goals


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