Self Help Product Agreement


You must read and agree to the following terms as a condition to buying all Self Help Audio, Video and Book packages and products from Ascension Psychology, Inc (the “Company”).

I understand that the purchase I make is for Self Help, which means that Company and its employees, including Lauren E. Pichard (the “Practitioner”) and agents are not overseeing my care nor is she responsible for me; by me making this purchase. By making this purchase I agree that I am 100% responsible for my responses to this recording. I understand the Practitioner is a licensed psychologist in the State of California currently in good standing with the California Board of Psychology, but I expressly acknowledge and agree that I am not hiring the Practitioner to engage in the practice of psychology or to provide psychotherapy within the meaning of Section 2903 of the California Business and Professions Code, or to administer psychological or medical treatment for any psychological or medical injury, ailment or disorder within the scope of her license. I am voluntarily buying Company’s product(s) for the sole purpose of participating in sessions to learn relaxation techniques, visual imagery, stress reduction, prayers, meditation techniques, energy transference techniques and various forms of communication solely for the purposes of overall self-improvement (each being a pre-recorded “Product”) that are not intended to and are not represented to treat or cure any medical or psychological ailment or disorder. I also understand that improvement is not guaranteed. I also understand that sometimes, during the process of change, things can feel more emotionally intense and be perceived as undesirable. I do not hold the Company or any of its Practitioners responsible for this. I understand that all Products in which I participate are for informational and self-improvement purposes only and are not intended to replace conventional medical or psychological treatment or therapy of any kind.

I understand and agree that: (1) any Products do not constitute any form of medical or psychological treatment (including, without limitation, medical evaluations, diagnosis, prescriptions, treatment, or prognosis), and are not a substitute for medical or psychological treatment; (2) the Practitioner and Company are not providing medical or psychological treatment during any Product; (3) the Company makes no representation or promise regarding the effects or results of any Product or series of Products; (4) the Practitioner and Company are not assuming responsibility for the care or treatment of any medical or psychological condition that I had, have, or may have in the future; (5) I will not, based on any Session or Sessions, modify, suspend, or discontinue any conventional medical or psychological treatment I am currently receiving or may receive in the future, without first consulting with my medical or psychological care provider or another licensed medical or psychological care provider; and (6) the Practitioner and Company assume no obligation to advise me or consult with me about the modification, suspension, or discontinuance of any current or future medical or psychological treatment as part of the services rendered in connection with any Session.

Should I decide to pursue licensed psychological treatment for any mental or psychological injury or disorder, regardless of whether I am currently receiving such treatment, I understand that I reserve all rights to seek and to hire any licensed psychologist or other medical service provider, including but not limited to the Practitioner, for the provision of such services. I understand and agree that any such services would be independent of and unrelated to any Product.

I hereby release the Practitioner and Company, on behalf of myself, my next of kin, heirs and representatives and/or any principal for whom I am engaging the Practitioner as an agent, from all liability and promise not to sue the Practitioner for any and all claims, including any claim for negligence or malpractice, based on ineffectiveness of any Product in curing or relieving any psychological or medical injury, or based on any physical or psychological injury, illness, damages, or economic or emotional loss that I may suffer because of my participation in any Product. I consent to and assume all risks associated with participation in the self-improvement techniques provided during each Product I partake in. If in a pre-recorded or audio session, I take sole responsibility for shutting off the recording and no longer participating if I decide it is not what I want it to be.

I certify that I am at least 18 years of age, of sound mind and competent mental capacity to enter this agreement.

If I am buying the Product to provide to a third-party, I certify that I have full authority to enter this agreement and the releases above on behalf of the third-party as their legal guardian, and/or that I have reviewed this agreement with the third-party and they have authorized me to enter this agreement and consent to its terms on their behalf and has agreed to execute a copy of this release upon request as a condition to participation in any Session.

No Cancellations and No Refunds Policy

Payments made under this agreement are non-refundable and there are no cancellations.

Agreement To Not Distribute Without Permission

I understand that these Self Help recordings are a compilation of the life long work Dr. Pichard has studied and mastered. I agree to not copy or distribute these recordings without her permission. That being said, Dr. Pichard and Ascension Psychology, Inc grant permission for practitioners to share with their patients and clients (as appropriate, in their judgment) and for people to share with others that are financially or physically struggling (i.e. poverty and illness) and can not financially afford their own copy. Members of a household can share one copy.