Why We Work With The Unconscious Mind

Sigmund Freud, known as The Father of Psychology said that about 80% of what we create is from the unconscious mind. This is why consciously we may know that something is not what we desire, such as being in an abusive relationship style, yet we keep finding ourselves in the same or similar situation. This is because unconscious patterns are recreating situations until they are resolved or re-programmed. The unconscious is programmed through story, images, and repetition. Our childhood, ancestral patterns, past lives, societal energies, universal consciousness, all impact our unconscious mind.   Before Sigmund Freud, ancient mystery schools have been working with the unconscious mind to create change.  They have known about the Universal Laws, one of them being The Law of Attraction and that we attract what we are, not what we want. This is how working to reprogram the unconscious mind improves our lives, these programs are an energy frequency held in our vibration that attract matching frequencies to us.  When we ascend our vibration, we shift what we are attracting to us. Quantum Physics calls this Chaos Theory and there is even a practice of Chaos Magic that is based on this concept. At Ascension Psychology we use ancient methodologies combined with the latest research on reprogramming the unconscious mind to create lasting, positive and powerful change at a deep level that is carried with you to attract what you want and passed on to the next generation. Each time you heal yourself, you also change part of what is carried in the Universal Consciousness and you make it easier for others to raise their frequency and co-create peace on earth. The first enlightened masters who have spent years isolated in caves shifting their vibration are to thank for making pathways for others to get through as the energy, or what some call The Matrix was super dense. Now more and more people are living in an awakened state making it easier for others to join them. When you choose to work with an Ascension Psychology therapist, you are choosing to join the sacred path and the others who have chosen the sacred path before you and who will join after you. 

(Please note: we understand that the human mind and soul are not fully understood by science yet. This is why we use both Evidence Based Techniques and Treatment Based Evidence. Evidence Based Techniques (like Cognitive Behavioral Theory) have been researched and empirically supported in clinical trials. The problem with this is that techniques can advance before science can keep up. We value being able to provide cutting edge techniques and the “art” of psychotherapy. To make this possible we also use Treatment Based Evidence. This means that if a technique we are doing is working, we will use it with you again. We may ask you to fill out a questionnaire so our Treatment Based Evidence can become Evidence Based Treatment.

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