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Pain & Physical Ailments

“When we have an ailment in our body, it is an invitation to show us that we need to pay attention to something, often on the emotional level. Even if people say “well it was a mold reaction,” or something like that- “Well, why are you sensitive to mold and someone else not? Something created the weakness in you that others do not have.”

Dr. Lauren E Pichard

What Is Complex/chronic Pain Treatment?

Healing Physical Disease  Complex pain and physical disease have an emotional contribution to why they are manifesting in the physical body. When we resolve the emotional and mental levels of disease, the stress is released from the body and allows the body to heal itself. Ascension Psychology can facilitate the ancestral or personal reason(s) for why physical disease or complex pain is manifesting. The theory is that we have 4 bodies: the spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical. When we heal a level above, it impacts the levels below. Working with family constellations heals the Family Soul- The Soul System that we are born into and thus heals the mental, emotional, and physical levels below it.

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