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Family Constellation Participant

“One of the best moments of working with new people is when they have their first energetic shift. When they feel in their body that the old program is gone. Sometimes it is a release of pain, or increased flexibility, sometimes it is a feeling of lightness. But helping people remember who we really are, this first experience is really special to share with someone,”

Dr Lauren E Pichard 


This means that you will get experiential insight into unhealthy patterns, programs and dynamics that play out in families while supporting others to have deep, alchemical healing experiences.

What Carl Jung has called “The Theory of Synchronicity” nothing happens by chance. The group that comes together will be perfect for everyone’s growth, including your own!

It is hard to describe what a Constellation is to a person that has never experienced it, and so this is a way to have newcomers experience the power of this healing method and see if it is the right fit for them.

And those of us that already know we love Constellations, it is an opportunity for us to work with our people, get intimate with familiar hearts, and expand our field of healing and continue healing the soul of our family.

There is no commitment to registering- join a healing when our schedules line up. You will receive emails when there is an opportunity to participate. Please only RSVP if you can make it, as every person is a vital part of the group healing and limited to 8 people.

We Are Excited To Have You Join Our Community and Share This Healing Adventure With You.

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