Ascension Psychology Facilitator Training

Date: August 3rd Thru 5th 10am to 4pm 


Location:  Pacific Beach, San Diego, CA- specific location at registration

Learn Energy Psychology: shadow work: alchemizing shadow to light; how to heal understanding the mind, body, spirit connection; inner child healing, gain spiritual healing techniques and much much more!  



Thank you for choosing Ascension Psychology, a leader in Energy Psychology.

Ascension Psychology combines the best of western psychology with the best of many spiritual practices and mystery schools to help people heal their life, relationships, and the spiritual and emotional causes of physical disease. Dr. Lauren Pichard had an innate curiosity for why some people and families suffer so much more than others and searched high and low for answers to get herself out of pain and to help others get out too.  She has brought what she has learned and made it available for others to heal. She also offers Ascension Psychology trainings for people interested in facilitating this method with others.

Dr. Lauren learned that unresolved trauma (often our first trauma being attachment trauma with our parents) and shame is the root of most of our suffering. Suffering that has not been healed through the generations can become inherited family disease.  Through healing our trauma and shame  people often feel more peace, energy, less triggered by outside events, experience improved health and may see shifts in their relationships and finances. When you Heal Yourself, you can Love Your Life.


Mood Disorders

Depression and Anxiety are usually created from a combination of inherited traits and our interpretation of experiences.

Chronic/Complex Pain, Physical Disease, Somatic Disorders

When we resolve the emotional and mental levels of disease, the stress is released from the body and allows the body to heal itself.

Trauma and PTSD

Researchers have proved that people who had more adversity in their childhoods are more likely to develop PTSD when presented with adversity later in life.

Family Constellation Healing

Addresses the wounds of the ancestors and resolves negative, unconscious patterns, blocks and wounds that can turn on disease markers in the genetics, block success or be creating negative karmic cycles.

Processing Grief

In therapy, we sit with you and help you process your grief.  We can help you find healthy ways to honor your loss and to make meaning out of your experiences.

Coaching Options

Specialty Services Offered For Those In State and Out of State Who Prefer Coaching with Energy Healing Over Traditional Psychotherapy

Insight is sometimes all that is needed for change. The insight is literally casting light onto the shadow. Once the lights are on, we can consciously choose a new way of being.
Dr. Lauren E. Pichard

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