Family Constellation Healing

Offering individual and group coaching sessions for Family Constellation Healing.

Family Constellation Healing is a powerful healing modality that addresses the wounds of the ancestors and resolves negative, unconscious relationship patterns and other blocks and wounds that can turn on disease markers in the genetics and/or block success.

“Family constellation” was discovered by Bert Hellinger and has concepts from the Zulu Tribe of African Healing and Hellinger’s experience with psychology. This approach is usually done in a group where each person is a representative holding space for the morphic field to process, allowing entanglements that have been held for years or generations to resolve. Once a person enters the sacred space of the Family Constellation Circle as a representative they are able to intuit what that representative experienced.

By holding space, powerful healing, insights and solutions for many conflicts in families and couples – and for conflicts within yourself are resolved allowing freedom, purity and health moving forward.

Healing Physical Disease: This healing modality can also be used to heal the ancestral or spiritual and emotional reasons for why physical disease is manifesting. It has been used successfully to resolve what turned the addiction gene on in families by resolving the emotional/environmental stress that triggered this gene to turn on and I have also seen it help resolve cancer and other physical manifestations. The theory is that there we have 4 bodies: the spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical. When we heal a level above, it impacts the levels below. Working with family constellations heals the Family Soul- The Soul System that we are born into and thus heals the mental, emotional, and physical levels below it.

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