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Vaccine Regret Healing

90 Minutes of Energy Healing

Direct Healing To The Physical Body Including:

    • Purifying Your Energy Field
    • Removing Demons/Entities/Low Vibration Energies
    • Reclaiming Your Energy
    • Connecting To Divinity For Life Force Energy (the ultimate healer)
    • Removing Harmful Ingredients (glyphosate, spike proteins, nanobots, heavy metals, PEG and more!)
    • Restoration of Health To: Organs, Gut Microbiome, Immune System
    • Cellular Regeneration and Connection To Your Divine Bodies Blueprint

And More!

Healing Subconscious Programs Including:

  • Healing Fear (can also be interpreted as anxiety)
  • Reclaiming Your Power And Ability To Set Healthy Boundaries
  • Restoring Your Connection To Your Own Intuition
  • Healing Self Parts (ie: inner child and more)
  • Removing Self Sabotage Programming
  • PLUS- a little youth restoration and healthy digestion boost!


This is a digital download product only.

The mRNA covid vaccines have proved to be what the vaccine safety group people were warning about, filled with side effects like myocarditis, stroke, miscarriage and inferitility, and “turbo cancer.” (check out,, or to obtain more information about this).

Things like glyphosate, luciferase, PEG and the body constantly making spike proteins have been shown to be attacking vaccinated persons immune systems.

Yet, there is no reason to fret. Darkness can not survive in the light. The good news is that everything can be cured. And Dr Lauren has been studying and practicing just how to do this for years.

In April of 2021, Dr Lauren Pichard was baptized by Paramhansa Yogananda (through a channeling) by the Holy Spirit with the ability to heal anything for anyone.

Yogananda gave her this blessing after she spent 12 years earning her doctorate in Clinical Psychology, years studying spiritual healing traditions from around the world and several years working with and meditating with Paramhansa Yogananda. During this time, he got to know that it was on her heart and in her goals to be able to help others with being able to miraculously heal.

During the baptism he also promised to always be with her- assuring the energies of everything she does is pure and accepting him into his lineage which also held pure by Jesus Christ, Bhagavan Krishna, Mahavatar Babaji, Lahiri Mahasaya, and Swami Sri Yukteswar (you can go to for more information about this).

Dr Lauren was getting miraculous results even before this baptism helping people heal the root cause of autoimmune diseases, cancer, chronic pain and mental and emotional ailments and having a pretty accurate intuition. After the baptism Dr Lauren experienced a peak spiritual experience where when she intuitively looked at things her spiritual eye vision was like wading thru thick energy. The visceral experience left no question that what she was seeing was accurate and her ability to help others heal became even more profound.

Because everything is energy- knowing how to alchemize energy and heal the root cause of issues is all that is needed to counteract the disharmonious energies of the vaccine.

In Dr Lauren’s Clinical Practice she saw that those that are vaccinated had their already weak tendencies exacerbated. For instance- young military males who took the vaccine and had heart complications from it- had a history of unresolved neglect and hurt in their families of origin. Resolving the unresolved hurt and energetically removing the harmful ingredients has brought people back to health time and time again.

It is with this background that she offers you this Vaccine Healing. [It is priced so that even agnostics and atheists can’t find a reason to not try it and be exposed to something new (it’s about the cost of a venti coffee from starbucks with an extra shot of espresso) and also priced so people in other countries that have less buying power to the American dollar and people on tight budgets can access it].

After you finish this healing, it is recommended to also do the FREE Shifting To Healthy Immunity Healing (another 60 minutes of healing. Directions of how to download on the homepage).

Wishing you Divine and Miraculous Healing

Products are not FDA approved or intended to diagnose, treat or cure any illnesses. These self help products are to be used at your discretion. Results are not guaranteed; all sales are final.

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