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The Benefits Of Incorporating Energy Work Into Therapy Sessions

There are so many reasons it is beneficial to incorporate energy work into sessions. One is because it is so simple to do so. We can easily do traditional therapy for 40 minutes and add some energy work in the last few minutes to support the release of patterns we no longer want to hold onto. Another reason is because many energy work techniques all teach mindfulness and the coping skill of breathing into uncomfortable sensations in the body (instead of reacting to them). The third reason to use energy work is because it can shift some things that traditional psychology can have a hard time accessing. The final reason to use energy work with psychology is because it has some psychological foundation in it. We create the shifts from healing adversity that is in our energetic imprint; meaning, we are healing trauma.  I find energy work in general can shift things faster than traditional psychology can alone. Finally, energy work can access a multi-dimensional karma clearing, including karma from our ancestors. It can clear hurts and wrongs from our childhood, things that we inherited from our ancestors in our DNA. When we are free from limiting karma we can create the lives that we long for.

My first experience with Ancestral Clearing is what led me to study it. I had spent months working at The Betty Ford Center trying to get a psychological supervisor to over-see my post-doctoral hours. I was being pro-active in following through, reaching out to my supervisor, making friends with the supervisor of the mental health department, talking to Human Resources, literally everything I could do physically to get my hours supervised so I could sit for the licensing exam. It was frustrating because there were psychologists working with me, I was working full time and had access to all of these patients, and all that I had to do was get these hours on paper and spend some time each week talking with the psychologist that was overseeing my hours. It would even benefit the company to provide this for me because they could use another psychologist, they would be able to cross-train me should their only psychologist be overwhelmed or need a vacation, and it would increase my employee satisfaction, leaving the likelihood that I would stay as an employee higher. Well, it didn’t matter, for months I wasn’t getting anywhere. Then I had my first Ancestral Clearing experience. I felt amazing the next morning at work. I had a shift in consciousness and I was experiencing the world in a whole different manner. When I got out of my morning meeting and checked my emails, I actually had an email from the psychologist OFFERING to supervise my hours. My struggle with moving forward ended from that point on. My energy shifted in a way that psychology was not going to be able to reach, no matter what it did and I was able to get my hours supervised and move forward in my life. This was my first experience with the powerful shifts this modality can create in one’s life and why I am passionate about helping others be free to live the lives they truly desire.

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