Shifting to Abundance

Are You Ready To Manifest More Money?

  • 60 Minutes of Energy Psychology
  • Heal 10 Common Core Beliefs That Block Abundance
  • Heal Personal and Ancestral Karma
  • Heal Financial Curses In The Lineage
  • Heal At The Subconscious Level So The Law Of Attraction Works For You!
  • Spiritual Insights and Wisdom!
  • Value: 10 Core Beliefs In Private Session Value: (10 x $300) = $3,000
  • Curse Removal Value: $300
  • Healing Personal and Ancestral Karma Value: $900
  • Total Value: $4,200

Your Total: $44

Today: $44.00

This is a digital download product only.

Sigmund Freud, known as the Father of Psychology, said, “What you do not remember, you are doomed to repeat.” He said that 80% of what creates our daily life is from our Unconscious Mind. This Shifting to Financial Abundance recording targets 10 Common Patterns that live deep within the Unconscious Mind that can energetically block you from attracting abundance. Followers of The Law of Attraction know the saying “We don’t attract what we want, we attract what we are.” By removing our blocks and getting clear on our goals, we become exactly what it is that we want to attract; free to create the life that we want. This recording covers the energy clearings, how to set goals, get clear on what we want and a blessing to align us with our life path.  For those of us that have a positive affirmation practice, clearing out the old energy and then using the affirmations (and goals) is like pulling out the weeds and planting these seeds in a freshly tilled garden bed.

Core Beliefs can be created from our life time and also passed on from our ancestors. Psychology calls the phenomenon of family patterns “Intergenerational Family Transmission of Patterns;” spiritual modalities call this phenomenon karma. It is said there are 3 types of karma: our personal karma, our ancestral karma and fate. This recording impacts both our personal and our ancestral karma and it includes a peacemaking for our ancestors’ debts (which includes an ancestral curse peacemaking) so that we can move on freer from these burdens. The bible and other spiritual books discuss how when you do a healing for yourself, it heals 8 generations below you

Dr. Lauren E. Pichard has been working and studying in the field of psychology since 2000 and has been studying various shamanic healing practices since 2013.  She has found that combining energetic healing modalities with her vast psychological knowledge creates faster results (and as a Jersey Girl she loves efficiency!). For instance, traditional psychology may spend a session to years resolving one core belief; but with an energetic shift it can happen in moments!  Dr. Pichard has compiled her learnings to one efficient 60 minute shamanic healing recording so that more people can affordably improve their lives.


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