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Shifting to Abundance, Harmony and Goals

There is a concept the root cause of suffering is fear. And that fear is the opposite of love. The next level is that most suffering and mental control programs on the planet are rooted in Poverty Mentality. The idea is that wealthy or poor, people have fear of losing their stance or of staying in their stance. The wealthy are afraid to lose their stance as the “Have’s” and this leads many to be out of integrity by using the labor of others at unfair rates to stay ahead, some will even cheat, lie, or steal to get ahead, of having ego they are better than the less fortunate; and the poor can be depressed, frustrated, feel trapped, striving to get there needs met, panicked when there is an unforeseen expense and are labeled the “Have Nots.” Neither of these extremes are in harmony.

Paramhansa Yogananda has said that because of greed we have poverty. These extremes keep the balance. But it is possible to have balance closer to the middle where everyone feels abundant, their needs are met, and their business is in integrity serving others or they are employed in a business with integrity.

This self help energy healing helps you identify and reprogram your subconscious mind and helps you bring yourself into harmony with greed and poverty and breaks through abundance blocks: curses, limiting beliefs and more and teaches you how to set goals and be an energy match for them.

Everyone needs to do this work in order to heal and bring peace to the planet.

This is more than regular mindset coaching.

This is energy transformation with the spiritual education of the laws of abundance. People that are energy sensitive feel the subtle shifts as the lower frequencies holding these patterns in place leave them and are resolved into balance.

This is a power packed healing over 3 hours.

It is so deep and so thorough that I recommend listening to it over time and not all at one setting so your body can adjust to the new energies.

You can also listen to it as a refresher from time to time when you need it and to keep your energy clean and prosperous or when you realize there is another dichotomy out of balance you can work with in the meditation I guide you through.

This 3 Hours Of Energy Healing Includes: Deep, Focused Healing To Reprogram Limiting Beliefs Around Money, Success and Prosperity.

Shifting to Abundance

Audio 1: The Shifting To Financial Abundance Audio Recording includes:

60 Minutes of Energy Psychology
Heal 10 Common Core Beliefs That Block Abundance
Heal Personal and Ancestral Karma
Heal Financial Curses In The Lineage
Heal At The Subconscious Level So The Law Of Attraction Works For You!
Spiritual Insights and Wisdom!
Value: 10 Core Beliefs In Private Session Value: (10 x $300) = $3,000
Curse Removal Value: $300
Healing Personal and Ancestral Karma Value: $900
Total Value: $4,200
Your Total: $44

Audio 2: The Shifting To Financial Harmony Recording Includes:

60 Minutes of Energy Psychology
Learn How Split Energy Blocks Your Success Value: $2500
Learn How To Identify and Block Split Energy In Your Subconscious Mind (poverty and greed; success and failure; and any others you find) Value: $2500
Learn A Secret Ancient Hawaiian Technique To Restore Harmony In These Unconscious Dichotomies Value: $2500
Break Spiritual Contracts Blocking Your Success Value: $1200
Open The Door To Receiving Abundance Value: $1200
Program Yourself To Be Successful Despite An Economic Collapse (whatever your goal salary is, ie $300,000)
Plus Value of Shifting To Matching Energy of Goals: Value: $1800
Plus Value of Shifting To Abundance: Value: $4,200
Total Value: $315,900

Audio 3: The Shifting To The Matching Energy Of Your Goals Audio Includes:

About 60 Minutes of Energy Psychology
Quantum Field Energy Healing Value: $300
Heal Childhood Wounds Over The Lifespan That Block Financial Success Value: $900
Teaching On Law Of Attraction To Attract Abundance Value: $300
Removal Of Ancestral Burden From Mother’s Womb That Blocks Success Value: $300
Guided Imagery To Shift Energy And Align With Your Goals Value: $300
Total Value: $1800
Your Total: $44

BEST VALUE: Buy All 3 Today For $150

***That’s 3 hours of Intense Focused Healing for Less than The Cost of A Private Session!

Today: $150.00

Shifting to Abundance

Shifting to Financial Harmony

Shifting to the Matching Energy Of Your Goals

This is a digital download product only.

Shifting to Abundance

Sigmund Freud, known as the Father of Psychology, said, “What you do not remember, you are doomed to repeat.” He said that 80% of what creates our daily life is from our Unconscious Mind. This Shifting to Financial Abundance recording targets 10 Common Patterns that live deep within the Unconscious Mind that can energetically block you from attracting abundance. Followers of The Law of Attraction know the saying “We don’t attract what we want, we attract what we are.” By removing our blocks and getting clear on our goals, we become exactly what it is that we want to attract; free to create the life that we want. This recording covers the energy clearings, how to set goals, get clear on what we want and a blessing to align us with our life path.  For those of us that have a positive affirmation practice, clearing out the old energy and then using the affirmations (and goals) is like pulling out the weeds and planting these seeds in a freshly tilled garden bed.

Core Beliefs can be created from our life time and also passed on from our ancestors. Psychology calls the phenomenon of family patterns “Intergenerational Family Transmission of Patterns;” spiritual modalities call this phenomenon karma. It is said there are 3 types of karma: our personal karma, our ancestral karma and fate. This recording impacts both our personal and our ancestral karma and it includes a peacemaking for our ancestors’ debts (which includes an ancestral curse peacemaking) so that we can move on freer from these burdens. The bible and other spiritual books discuss how when you do a healing for yourself, it heals 8 generations below you

Shifting To Harmony

Dr. Pichard continues to work with core spiritual, mental and emotional issues of childhood, past life and ancestral patterns in this recording. She provides education on unbalanced core beliefs in your unconscious mind that can be restricting your finances or creating wealth to poverty struggles and then guides you through the most effective meditation she has learned for balancing these dichotomies to resolve these restrictions.  There is a guided energy healing to bring back your financial/receiving energy, and breaking contracts/declarations, promises of blocking positive changes, patterns of failure and religious oaths to poverty.

This also addresses how to help your mindset with an economic collapse.

The theory behind these recordings is that energy flows from our Higher Power- to our 4 bodies- Spiritual>Mental>Emotional> Physical. Engergetic blocks in the spiritual, mental, emotional bodies can show up as disease in the physical body and also as restrictions in love, finances, self esteem, and overall lifestyle. This recording helps resolve the Spiritual, Mental and Emotional blocks to support your finances flowing freely.

Shifting To Energy of Goals

Dr Pichard provides detailed methods of how to set effective goals and then plant them in the Quantum Field and match your energy so the Law of Attraction works for you. She guides you through imagery to resolve childhood wounds over your lifespan. With a special focus of details on inside the womb- a place that holds a lot of trauma that people have not been taught to address and resolve. It is intended to listen to the Abundance Package Audios in Order of: Shifting to Abundance, Shifting to Harmony, and Shifting to Energy of Goals. The audios were recorded to pull the “Weeds” out of the neurology and unconscious mind and then plant the garden you desire. This recording should go last, but works as a stand alone as well.

It also pairs well with the Shifting To Immunity Recording when setting your goals for health. The resolution of womb trauma helps reduce fear and anxiety of dying around the Covid-19 Pandemic as being unsafe in the womb is an unconscious trigger to something that seems bigger than us able to destroy us. By resolving our unconscious fears we can stand firmer as the storm passes around us.


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