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Shifting to the Matching Energy Of Your Goals

This Self Help Energy Healing Includes:

  • Quantum Field Energy Healing Value: $300
  • Heal Childhood Wounds Over The Lifespan That Block Financial Success Value: $900
  • Teaching On Law Of Attraction To Attract Abundance Value: $300
  • Removal Of Ancestral Burden From Mother’s Womb That Blocks Success Value: $300
  • Guided Imagery To Shift Energy And Align With Your Goals Value: $300
  • Total: $1800


Today: $44.00

This is a digital download product only.

Dr Pichard provides detailed methods of how to set effective goals and then plant them in the Quantum Field and match your energy so the Law of Attraction works for you. She guides you through imagery to resolve childhood wounds over your lifespan. With a special focus of details on inside the womb- a place that holds a lot of trauma that people have not been taught to address and resolve. It is intended to listen to the Abundance Package Audios in Order of: Shifting to Abundance, Shifting to Harmony, and Shifting to Energy of Goals. The audios were recorded to pull the “Weeds” out of the neurology and unconscious mind and then plant the garden you desire. This recording should go last, but works as a stand alone as well.

It also pairs well with the Shifting To Immunity Recording when setting your goals for health. The resolution of womb trauma helps reduce fear and anxiety of dying around the Covid-19 Pandemic as being unsafe in the womb is an unconscious trigger to something that seems bigger than us able to destroy us. By resolving our unconscious fears we can stand firmer as the storm passes around us.


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