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The Lucky Penny- St Patty’s Day 2023 and Beyond

If you received a lucky penny, you may have some questions about it!

Here is what you need to know. I cleansed and blessed the pennies and set them up only to be activated when you say the activation prayer 3 times. 

I cleansed the pennies in salt and vinegar (like the potato chips, but for pennies it’s supposed to make pennies shine! For real- check it out on Youtube here:

But this actually only works for pennies older than 1981, but they still were all cleansed this way).

The pennies were also cleansed by soaking in sunshine on a sunny Sunday and prayer to change their destiny from forgotten pennies to lucky pennies. 

I love the metaphor that these pennies went from not being worth much- people don’t usually really care about pennies, to now being worth more! It is the triumph of the underdog! And part of the blessing it will bring to us.

Next I programmed the pennies with attributes I thought were associated with luck and that could be blocking the natural luck you have inside of yourself. Some of the attributes the pennies are programmed with include: bringing in success, love, prosperity, health, bringing in friendships, removal of entities and providing spiritual protection to prevent more. Bringing in chance encounters/serendipity, removal of ancestral curses, spells and protection from universal and targeted curses. It also encourages gentle insights and a lot of overall good luck! 

I used a variety of methods to program and bless the pennies. I called in God, Jesus and the SRF Gurus to carry the pure light and intention of the lucky pennies. Part of my prayer was a long rhyme I made up and I won’t show all of it as it is a secret recipe, but some if the intro includes: 

“Gold and Clover From The Earth, With A Penny For Luck We Do Birth, The Energy Of Heaven Upon The Wearer, Good Luck Is Attracted To The Bearer.”

 Some of you may not be that familiar with the Self Realization Fellowship. I work closely with Paramhansa Yogananda, whose life mission was to bridge yoga with Christianity and he is close to Jesus as well. Yogananda has provided me with many blessings: miraculous healing, money out of nowhere, and basically everything I’ve ever prayed for so far (disclaimer- after years of me working with him and meditating twice a day,  and I still have not been given teleportation. But I believe that is coming! If you want to read more about him, try his book: Autobiography Of A Yogi- in the first chapter his father meets his Guru, Lahiri Mahasaya as he teleported to tell him to come to his house). You can buy the book and get more information here:

I don’t follow any specific tradition and have blended the best of what I’ve trained to make Ascension Psychology. I’ve studied theories from around the world and combined what I know together to spread good luck and good vibes through these lucky pennies. Every modality and every intention in the energy of the blessing is pure and under God and he will help with the blessings. 

Each penny is programmed to be lucky until March 31, 7777. Once you feel lucky and like the blessing has fully engaged in you- you can pass the penny on. Or you can keep it as a reminder of your good luck. I personally like all the rhyming prayers I wrote as a fun reminder of the intention, so you may also want to keep a photo of your penny if you pass it on so you have the rhyme. The pennies are programmed to continue blessing you with luck even after they are no longer in your care.  I know sometimes people like the reminder with the physical object, so if you want to hold onto it, feel free. It can even become a family inheritance.  If you want to pass it on, I recommending holding on to it for at least a few months to let the energy of it marinate. (If all the blessings came in at once it may be too hard to handle, so they are spread out over time).

 If you ever do not want the luck anymore for whatever reason- simply imagine the penny outside of your home and close the door on it. That will take the energy of the blessing outside of you and you will no longer be entangled with it (I don’t know why anyone would want to do this, but it is an option I want to give people to feel like I am in good ethical standing). 

Also – if you are a parent- when you engage the lucky penny and it upgrades you- your children will be upgraded by default. That’s just a natural law of energy and how ancestral sin/ancestral karma and ancestral gifts work. 

You do need to initiate it by reading the poem 3x. It is programmed this way. This way you are consenting for the luck and all the good things it may bring you! It is not an automatic activation if you only read it one time. 

When you are ready to pass the penny on and feel like you have found a person that needs the blessing- pay it forward. Share the love. Everyone I have given the penny too really appreciates it and it brightens there day (and the rest of their lives and future generations). 

Also- be sure to check out the other free resources I have (a 60 Minute Self Help Energy Psychology Healing, free educational videos, and free Ascension Psychology Tips for Healing Physical Disease and opportunities to be a volunteer in a group healing all on the homepage). We also have services like individual sessions, group sessions, and training in the Ascension Psychology method. 

If you notice you feel better from the lucky penny, I am so glad! I really want people to see the power of energy and join me in my enthusiasm of self mastery! Paramhansa Yogananda has a quote that Consciousness is the superior way to heal from ALL other methods. From all of my training, I agree with him. I am currently an outlier- but I invite you to join me! 

Also, the self help audios can help you heal any blocks in your unconscious mind that are limiting finances from responding to your good luck or blocking love. Just like the penny can help you feel good, so can these self help audios. My hope is that people start to see the benefit and power of creating the life they want through healing what is stopping them from achieving it- blocks in our unconscious mind. Check out the Audiobook section and choose between the healing finances series and the healing love and relationships series or get all of them! 

Tip for why I recommend you download the FREE Shifting To Healthy Immunity audiobook and working with the lucky penny: there is a common unconscious pattern of expectations and then disappointment when the expectations do not come true. These lucky pennies are blessed by me, under God. God knows what lessons you need to learn and your life is not going to be instantly 1,000 percent better. That just isn’t realistic for your life path as a big part of life is learning lessons and gaining wisdom.

These pennies will help ease some burden and attract good luck. There is an ancient Hawaiian meditation in the Shifting To Healthy Immunity audiobook that will help you learn the wisdom so the penny can help you attract more luck. The meditation is designed to balance unconscious dichotomies- such as the expectation and disappointment one I am talking about now. You can do the meditation with expectation on one side and disappointment on the other so you can be be realistic about how your Good Luck blessing will work for you. Or you can set it up with good luck on one side and you on the other side. The recording itself has instructions and the meditation is guided so it will make more sense to you when you listen. It may also show you what is blocking you from having the lucky penny fully engage in you- for instance, the penny is not programmed to remove self sabotage, but in the meditation you can do this yourself. At the end of the meditation there is a way to balance these energies so you and your unconscious mind are restored to harmony.

 The other self help audiobooks will also help you clear out limiting beliefs and subconscious programs so the lucky penny can be better activated for you. After the healings you will be carrying less burden that blocks the penny from doing its work that I programmed it to do. If you can only afford one right now, the Shifting To The Matching Energy Of Your Goals audio is a great start as it will brighten up your life path. It can be purchased alone or in the bundle (I recommend the bundle because the more you heal, the more luck you will bring in, but if that is outside of your budget, you may want to start with the Shifting To The Matching Energy Of Your Goals one). 

Steps in review in case I gave too much information: 1) Activate the Lucky Penny so you have Good Luck. 2) It is helpful to download the FREE Shifting To Healthy Immunity 60 minute energy psychology self help audiobook. All of the healing in there will help you and do the Ancient Hawaiian Meditation on there to help you balance expectations and disappointment and any other dichotomies you want to work on. 3) The other Self Help Audiobooks will also lighten your burden helping the penny attract more good luck. If you can only afford one to start with, try the Shifting To The Matching Energy Of Your Goals One. But every audiobook is packed with tons of wisdom and energy psychology healing for the subconscious mind.

The lucky penny alone is lucky, that may be all that you want. I just don’t want people to think it is a complete magical band-aid. One attitude that may be helpful to use with the lucky penny is “Hope Tempered With Reality” so you don’t sway between expectations and disappointment and then feel discouraged. I also want people to be educated that there is more they can do to be empowered and make themselves luckier and the other free gift audio is one way to do it and the other audiobooks will also help. 

Let’s give Chris Hittinger of a massage and wellness company in Oceanside, CA a thank you for donating at least half the pennies for this project, helping to put them together and to disperse them. 

Also- your 5 star reviews help my business SEO and help people find me so I can help them. If you have had some good luck, improvement in health, found a new love, or something else that you think has to be from the penny, please give us a 5 star review so people can find me and my Ascension Team and improve their lives too. Remember- it is not just a temporary good luck, this is aligning you with luck forever. It is a blessing that lasts, so years from now another review and testimonial from you will still be appreciated and helpful! Thank you so much! You can give us a review here:

Legal Disclaimer:  Please note that many of my statements, including those made about the Lucky Penny are not FDA approved and it is not an FDA approved intervention. By getting a lucky penny you are also not under my care and you acknowledge you are an adult of sound mind taking responsibility for activating it. You also acknowledge that I have given you a meditative technique above to simply deactivate the penny if you choose to and that you have the right to do so at any time. 

I wish you so much fun as you attract good luck, good days, and good things into your life and pass on the good fortune!

After all that seriousness- let’s get back to the fun part- the Good Luck! Here is another part of the poem that I used to create the morphic field of luck so the penny is a luck magnet and upon activation, you are too: “Changing the destiny of the carer to merry; This good luck will last forever with just this penny.”

Happy Good Lucking! 


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