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Energy Psychology Healing To Make Your Own Luck

I was lucky enough to have someone that wanted to work on luck. It was perfect timing as St. Patty’s Day is right around the corner and it inspired me to help shift luck for people in the month of March. I’m excited to make some lucky penny’s to give away this upcoming month. Usually sessions revolve around relationship and health requests- which are rewarding to work with, insightful and bring their own wisdom; but it was fun to see what was behind the patterns of bad luck. What inspired him (leaving his name out for anymonity) to ask for help with luck was: He felt like he’s been lucky and he’s afraid it is going to end. (This in itself is a fairly common pattern in the unconscious mind- when things are going well- often people are “waiting for the next shoe to drop” which then co-creates the next shoe dropping).

We pulled off some layers that block luck- the first one being the fear that it will end. You simply can not stay lucky if you are in the vibration of fear or of luck ending. We removed energy from the back of his neck for this at the atlas and axis points. He reported feeling relaxation there. (This program can be held in different locations, but it was back of the neck for him).

The next layer was a layer of clumsiness/tripping/self sabotage (may have even been a curse- but it doesn’t matter so long as we just remove it). I saw it as a vision of tripping. He reported it felt awesome to remove that layer. That he felt something through his entire body. In his life this energy showed up as car accidents, break ins, and other costly mistakes like that.

We easily moved through twenty layers, I can’t even remember all of them. Negative self talk and self blame felt like energy coming out of his ears.

We saw that if he was to get lucky he would move into greed. We saw immediately the greed was related to patterns of lack. We healed both of these dichotomies so abundance is just a natural state, free of lack and free of greed.

And we removed blocks to luck in love. Doubt of being lovable, patterns of unworthiness. This lived in the chest.

It was definitely lucky to be this guy today to get all of this healing that aligns him with more good luck.

Is more luck something you want to work on or do you feel like you are lucky already?

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