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Shifting to Abundance

Shifting to Abundance

Sigmund Freud, known as the Father of Psychology, said, “What you do not remember, you are doomed to repeat.” He said that 80% of what creates our daily life is from our Unconscious Mind. This Shifting to Financial Abundance recording targets 10 Common Patterns that live deep within the Unconscious Mind that can energetically block you from attracting abundance. Followers of The Law of Attraction know the saying “We don’t attract what we want, we attract what we are.” By removing our blocks and getting clear on our goals, we become exactly what it is that we want to attract; free to create the life that we want. This recording covers the energy clearings, how to set goals, get clear on what we want and a blessing to align us with our life path.  For those of us that have a positive affirmation practice, clearing out the old energy and then using the affirmations (and goals) is like pulling out the weeds and planting these seeds in a freshly tilled garden bed.

Core Beliefs can be created in our lifetime and also passed on from our ancestors. Psychology calls the phenomenon of family patterns “Intergenerational Family Transmission of Patterns;” spiritual modalities call this phenomenon karma. It is said there are 3 types of karma: our personal karma, our ancestral karma, and fate. This recording impacts both our personal and our ancestral karma and it includes peacemaking for our ancestors’ debts (which includes ancestral curse peacemaking) so that we can move on freer from these burdens. The Bible and other spiritual books discuss how when you do a healing for yourself, it heals 8 generations below you.

Shifting to the Matching Energy Of Your Goals

Dr. Lauren E Pichard provides detailed methods of how to set effective goals and then plant them in the Quantum Field and match your energy so the Law of Attraction works for you. She guides you through imagery to resolve childhood wounds over your lifespan. With a special focus on details inside the womb- a place that holds a lot of trauma that people have not been taught to address and resolve. It is intended to listen to the Abundance Package Audios in Order of Shifting to Abundance, Shifting to Harmony, and Shifting to Energy of Goals. The audios were recorded to pull the “Weeds” out of the neurology and unconscious mind and then plant the garden you desire. This recording should go last but works as a stand-alone as well.

It also pairs well with the Shifting To Immunity Recording when setting your goals for health. The resolution of womb trauma helps reduce fear and anxiety of dying around the Covid-19 Pandemic as being unsafe in the womb is an unconscious trigger to something that seems bigger than us and able to destroy us. By resolving our unconscious fears we can stand firmer as the storm passes around us.

Shifting To a Healthy Immunity Mindset

  1. Resolving Fear- (can stem from not feeling safe in childhood)
  2. Past Life and Ancestral Healing of Times we died from Disease- so it can’t attach to that karma this time/resolving karma
  3. Setting Energy Protection and Mindset Coping Skill- to withstand the morphic field people are creating; hold your own space
  4. Clearing The Energetic Entanglements of Other Peoples Karma- so we only have to deal with our own!
  5. Addiction To Drama- so we don’t perpetuate the fear ourselves on others
  6. Healing Dichotomies of Health vs Illness in our unconscious minds- so we can stay in health
  7. A Story of Empowerment: To Set Mindset at the Unconscious Level.

There are 7 deep topics I cover. In the session, it would take at least 7 sessions to address, and identify the core of the client’s issue. This would cost $2100 with Dr. Pichard in individual sessions. Here Dr. Pichard is offering this healing streamlined and to the point for only $32.

As global fear is spreading, it can hook into our childhood, past life, and ancestral wounds. Past traumas of being unsafe; hooking into ancestral (or if you believe in a past life) wounds of plagues; hooking into our coping skills of distracting from our pain through being addicted to drama.

Our immune system is supported by our healthy mental and emotional states. In psychology, the field of science that studies this is called psychoneuroimmunology. Basically the study of the mind-body connection. Dr. Lauren E Pichard has firsthand witnessed and participated in facilitating “miraculous” cures. Things like disease and chronic illness are resolved because these deep wounds of our ancestors and our childhoods are resolved. The meditation Dr. Pichard created addresses all of these wounds plus coping skills to create safety around you.

Dr. Pichard’s work is not for everyone. People that are committed to a victim mentality, and coping skills of being in drama are not going to benefit from Dr. Pichard’s work. Dr. Pichard’s work is for people that want to be in their full sovereign and soul freedom. To be able to stand in chaos and feel peace in their body and mind. People who seek the truth and want to take the red pull of knowing the truth of our world and stand empowered and leave the naive safety of ignorance.

Hawaiian Shamans view the mind/body/spirit connection as follows: wounding at the mental and emotional level trickles down and affects the physical body over time. By addressing these mental and emotional wounds, the opposite happens, these stressors are relieved and the body can heal itself.

The Hawaiian Shamans believe ALL illness stems from stress.

This is of course not in place of therapy and not a therapeutic relationship but it will support you in the personal growth work you are already doing. It is also not in place of medical advice or being seen by a medical professional if you are feeling ill. But it can support healing and support a healthy immune system. All purchases are final.

Dr. Lauren E. Pichard has been working and studying in the field of psychology since 2000 and has been studying various shamanic healing practices since 2013.  She has found that combining energetic healing modalities with her vast psychological knowledge creates faster results (and as a Jersey Girl she loves efficiency!). For instance, traditional psychology may spend a session to years resolving one core belief; but with an energetic shift, it can happen in moments!  Dr. Pichard has compiled her learnings into one efficient 60-minute shamanic healing recording so that more people can affordably improve their lives.

Thank You for reading! Download Shifting To Healthy Immunity Mindset for FREE!! Use Promo code “immunityFREE”

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